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More than just a pretty flower – It’s Cherry Blossom season for HF&DP


This week marks the peak of cherry blossom  season here at Harewood, a brief but magical moment in our seasonal calendar.

Here are the trees looking incredible.


Known as Sakura in Japan, Cherry Blossom takes on a spiritual meaning, symbolising the transience of life and acts as an icon for the nation. They’ve become a cultural phenomenon around Japan attracting huge numbers of domestic and international tourists to marvel at the displays all over the country. The display at Harewood may not be quite as spectacular but we still eagerly look forward to it before it’s gone in a cloud of pink & white blossom sprinkled around the Estate.
Another sign that Spring is here and, in many ways, the perfect embodiment of seasonality.


Cherry Blossom & HF&DP

Cherry Blossom has become an hotly anticipated moment in Josh Whitehead’s foraging calendar, patiently waiting for the blossoming buds to appear before rounding up a team to harvest. Plenty for our chefs to play with but not enough to impact on the display. Josh will be making a range of sugars, salts, vinegars, oils, syrups and cordials using the years harvests. They’ll feature in sweet & savoury dishes and cocktails throughout the course of the year. Courtyard Café and Terrace Tearoom General Manager, Iain Silver is eager to work the syrups in to our cocktail menu at the Terrace Tearoom when we reopen at Harewood House.

By using a range of methods, like dehydrating, pickling and curing, we’re able to prolong their season and enhance their flavours.

Expect flavours of marzipan and a very light hint of the fruit.

There are some spectacular blossoming trees on the estate, but the best display is at Knap’s Yard on the lawn in front of the Harewood Holiday cottages.

The view from the cottages is spectacular and a special treat for any guests staying at the right time of the year.

In Japan there’s a designated forecast for when the blossoms will be at their best, known as the “Cherry Blossom Front”, eagerly watched by those planning “Hanami”, celebrations amongst the Blossoms.

We don’t have a forecast for it in Yorkshire but they’re usually at their best in the last week in March or first week of April.

Eddy Lascelles, Managing Director, Harewood Food & Drink Project