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My Christmas – Edward Appleyard, Head of Marketing & Communications

Harewood_House_ChristmasBlogContinuing our behind the scenes series of those working at Harewood House Trust, here’s an insight into the festive season for Christmas-lover Edward.

What is your earliest Christmas memory?
Christmas 1988. My sister opening her big present which was a pram disguised as best as any one could disguise a pram in metres of wrapping paper. I really believed Father Christmas had been!

Do you have a Christmas tradition?
I’ve recently taken on my Mum’s baton of Christmas Cake Baker… I don’t do mine the same way she does hers, but doing it at all feels like we’re carrying on with family traditions. And all my Christmas dinner skills have been passed down from her too! I like to go to Nine Lessons and Carols, which really kicks off Christmas for me (which, FYI, is from about the week before at the earliest until after the 12 days!!).

And no, Yorkshire puddings are NOT an acceptable Christmas dinner accompaniment. No, no, no.

Is there a period of history you would have liked to spend Christmas in?
Well that depends on whether I was rich, middle class or just poor at the time! But I’d probably like to be an adult at the time of my Christmases as a child.

What music gets you in a festive mood?
Hmmmmm #guiltypleasures
Aside from the aforementioned carolling, my most played Christmas tracks (whilst doing another of my favourite past times, wrapping presents!) on iTunes are probably Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses), Step into Christmas (Elton), This Christmas (Mary J Blige) and ultimate Christmas karaoke track goes to…

Once Upon a Christmas Song by Peter Kay (as Geraldine) and Gary Barlow!! (I know… appalling choices).

What’s the nicest gift you have been bought?
I’ve been very lucky, there have been many…

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