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Yorkshire School of Garden Design – Spring/Summer short courses

Saturday 1 April – Tuesday 6 June 2023

This Spring spells a fresh new set of short courses available by resident garden design school of Harewood House, The Yorkshire School of Garden Design. Students, be it budding amateurs or seasoned enthusiasts, will have the opportunity to learn all about the key elements involved in being successful in the field.

Founded by renowned garden designer, Alistair Baldwin, courses will include, ‘Freehand sketching for designers’, ‘Designing with plants’ and the art of ‘Seasonality and laying planting for a year round display’ with more expertly curated courses and dates to be added to the syllabus, with visiting lecturers who are leaders in their field.

Freehand Sketching for Designers

DATE – TIME 11th, 12th and 13th April 2023 10am to 4pm

TUTOR: Alistair Baldwin

ENQUIRIES www.ysgd.co.uk

One of the most valuable skills any designer can develop is the ability to express their ideas through drawing. A hand sketch speaks a thousand words not only when sharing your creation with a third party but also when exploring ideas in your own mind. This stimulating and enlightening three-day course explores the tools and techniques for creating a range of lively, expressive and communicative drawings for both developing and presenting design ideas. From quick loose thumbnails while testing out design ideas, through the demystification of perspective, to the use of a host of tricks to bring presentation plans to life, this course gives confidence and opens doors for even the most novice of artists. No experience in drawing is required!

Designing with Plants: The Know-how Behind the Beauty

DATE – TIME 2nd, 9th and 16th of May 2023 10am to 4pm

TUTOR: Alistair Baldwin & Ben Preston

ENQUIRIES www.ysgd.co.uk

This three-day introductory course is a fun, inspirational and highly informative way to dip your toe into the enlightening world of planting design. You’ll learn about the mechanics and the artistry behind some of the world’s most stunning plant compositions, have a go at designing a planting scheme yourself and leave with a whole new palette of species to experiment with. The course will also cover how to create layered planting schemes, design for year-round interest and how to respond to a brief for low maintenance.

Seasonality and Layering Planting for a Year Round Display

DATE – TIME 5th and 6th of June 2023 10am to 4pm

TUTOR: Alistair Baldwin & Ben Preston

ENQUIRIES www.ysgd.co.uk

If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve the beautiful layered tapestries of colour and texture you see in the gardening books and magazines, this two-day introductory course is for you. We show you how to combine and distribute plants to give successional displays through the seasons, with tips from the experts on which plants to use for reliable shows year after year. Learn about the spacing and proportion of plant groupings, the value of knowing the unique habits of each species and how to use spreadsheets and drawings to plan your designs.

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