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Radical Acts Family Guide

Use these prompts to get everyone talking about what you see in Radical Acts!

Celia Pym – The Mending Library

  • Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you want to keep forever? What colour would you use to mend it?

Bisila Noha – The Unnamed Women of Clay

  • This piece is celebrating Black women who are artists. Can you think of some inspiring Black women?

Good Foundations International – Ceramic Water Filter

  • Using the map can you name any countries where the Good Foundations International have worked? Can you point to where you live?

Michael Marriott – Kiosko

  • Kiosko is full of things that have been ‘re-purposed’, which means used for something different from its original use. What do you think is the cleverest re-purposing here?

Mac Collins – Open Code

  • The artist made a gaming table and domino set because that game is important in African Caribbean culture. What are your favourite games? Do you think those games are part of your culture?

Retrouvius – Leftovers

  • The new parts of the State Dining Table were made using old wooden shelves. Have you ever made anything from something old or broken?

Outdoor exhibits

Sebastian Cox – Sylvascope
on the North Front

  • What can you see from up in the treehouse?
  • Why are trees so important to the environment?

Bobby Mills – Windblown Oak, Harewood
in the Bakehouse Studio, by the Adventure Playground

  • The maker deliberately let the wood crack and warp. What do you think about that?

Robin Wood – The Wood School
in the Bothy, on the other side of the Lake

  • This maker teaches lots of people how to make spoons using just tools and their own hands. What can you make with your hands?