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Secondary Tours – Natural Sciences

Harewood Bird Garden is home to over thirty rare and exotic birds from around the world.

Take a tour of the Bird Garden and you will see rare Bali starling, charismatic parrots and cockatoos as well as our colony of Humboldt penguins.

Bird Garden Tours

Meet the Birds

Take a tour of the Bird Garden and meet some of our most famous residents at Harewood.

Learn about the life cycles of different birds, find out what they eat both in captivity and in the wild, and what other things they need to survive.

Discover the different environments in which the birds live, compare their habitats, and see how each bird adapts to its changing environments.

Conservation at Harewood: Zoos in the 21st Century

Join our expert keepers for a tour of the Bird Garden.

Learn about the importance of conservation in zoos, and the threats that effect some of our species in the wild. Discover both the positive and negative impact of human interference, with illegal pet trade and deforestation severely decreasing the numbers of endangered animals across the globe, and find out what zoos are doing to support these animals through conservation projects, both at home and in the wild.