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Harewood and the Transatlantic Slave Trade


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“The house helped students to understand the size of the wealth in a visceral way, and the tour guides were excellent in helping us to understand the context of the period…[Staff were] engaging with primary historical evidence and [had] excellent subject knowledge.”

Teacher, XP East, Doncaster


Join us and explore Harewood and Britain’s wider involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade in this unique and informative workshop.

Your pupils will be offered an eye-opening learning experience as they explore the history of the Lascelles family, the origins of Harewood House, and its connection to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the British Empire. 

Each session is led by an experienced Learning Facilitator who will provide an opportunity for pupils to learn about the Transatlantic Slave Trade using the House, its collection and archival material as primary sources. 

Your pupils will take part in a interactive tour of the House, focussing on objects that demonstrate the vast wealth that the family accumulated through their colonial networks and links to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They will engage in meaningful discussions about key issues, whilst being given the opportunity to ask questions to deepen their understanding. 

Pupils will use nineteenth century maps and source materials to learn about the Family’s sugar plantations in Barbados and Britain’s extensive ties to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. They will gain a better understanding of the exploitation of enslaved people working in such conditions, their acts of resistance and the extent of the Lascelles’ ties to the trade. Pupils will also explore wider Britain’s connections to the Transatlantic Slave Trade through industry and commerce and how it is still present and relevent today. 

Timings + Prices

Timings for all sessions are flexible and can be tailored to suit KS2 pupils.

The session runs as two parallel activities by dividing your group in half, switching over activities at approximately 11.00am. Both sessions are guided by a Learning Facilitator giving your pupils all that they need whilst enabling them to explore for themselves. 

Example Itinerary

10am Arrival

10:15am – 12:00pm

Activity One – Transatlantic Slave Trade House Tour 

Based across the State Floor, pupils will be guided through each room, learning and engaging in discussion about items in the collection and their connection to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the British Empire.

Activity Two – Unlocking the Transatlantic Slave Trade Activity 

In our Education Suite, pupils will be taught in further detail about the Lascelles’ sugar plantations across Barbados. They will use historical maps to plot significant plantations on their own map of the island. This will then lead to focused group discussions on plantation life using our unique primary source material. 


£8.50 per pupil for a half-day experience.

To submit a school booking request, please fill out our enquiry form and a member of the team will be in touch to confirm your booking.

*This workshop will include references to historical events of a sensitive nature. As much information has been included as possible that is suitable for KS2/KS3 pupils. Documentation from our archive and objects from the collection may include vocabulary and imagery created and used by societies in which very different attitudes and behaviours were normalised.

We understand that some visitors may find the collection and its context challenging and upsetting and will do our best to support your visit. If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss this session in more detail please contact the Learning Team on learn@harewood.org