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Shade into Shade


25 March – 24 July 2016

Harewood opened the 2016 spring season with an exhibition of work by the highly acclaimed Finnish photographer Jorma Puranen. During a short residency at Harewood, Puranen photographed Harewood’s landscape and the lake (one of Brown’s most significant contributions). His images are distinguished by his use of a special technique where he actually takes a photograph of the reflection of the image rather than the actual subject, producing images with a mysterious, painterly, shimmering quality.

Alongside the new work, in contrast to this carefully considered and quintessentially English landscape, we displayed photographs taken by Jorma of a truly wild landscape, the far north and the Arctic. Icy Prospects shows just how different these `two norths` really are.

The title of the exhibition was taken from a John Jewell poem “Ode on Harewood” (1822). “Shade soften’d into shade” alluding to the light and shade in the landscape where different trees and shrubs provide a mix of colours and textures.