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Biomass Energy


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In 2014, Harewood Estate invested £2 million pounds into a new energy efficient biomass plant. The first phase of this project is now live and heating 30 buildings including commercial and residential properties saving 500 tonnes of CO2 per year. To put that into context, that’s the equivalent of a car driving more than 1.2 million miles or the burning of 540,000 pounds of coal.

The 500 kW biomass boiler is one of the largest in Yorkshire and will dramatically reduce Harewood’s fossil fuel consumption. With 850 acres of forestry, Harewood Estate will be able to create up to 750 tonnes of dry wood chippings per year through efficient land management. The Estate will use tree thinnings to fuel the innovative heating system.

Will the biomass plant heat Harewood House?

The final phase is now underway. Pipework has been laid and work is being finalised in the House to allow the heating system to operate.