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Today, Thursday 17 April 2014


Spring at Harewood

5 – 21 April 2014Free for members

See spring chicks hatching this Easter! We’ve set up an incubator and brood area in our Information Centre and are putting in eggs from bantam hens which are a small domestic chicken. These birds are part of our conservation programme, they make excellent parents and the aim is for them to act as surrogate parents in the future. Drop in to see them hatching and to learn more about the birds and the conservation … Read more


Daily Penguin Feeding

5 April – 2 November 2014

In the wild the Humboldt Penguin feeds on anchovies, squid and sardines that are found in the Humboldt Ocean current of the West coast of Peru. At Harewood we feed them whitebait and sprats, fish that are similar in size to their natural diet, although they will also eat small Herrings. They usually feed just after sunrise at a depth of around 1 metre. Get up close to the Penguins by helping the keepers feed … Read more


Members Only Exhibition Preview

17 April 2014Members only

An opportunity for Harewood members to gain exclusive access to the House and preview the 2014 exhibitions before anyone else! The members preview event will be taking place on 17th April, 11am – 4pm. Pre-booking not required. Read more

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