New Farm Experience

New for 2016! Come and explore our brand new Farm Experience. Join us this spring and see the latest additions to Harewood's animal family. Young farmers can meet friendly alpacas, learn about our … Read more

“Capability” Brown

The pleasure grounds, and gardens rare!   Laid out, by Mr Brown, with utmost care;   With great abundance all abound,   And rich luxuriance smiles around:   Though both, which now … Read more


I would not exceed the limits of expense that I have always set myself. Let us do everything properly and well, mais pas trop. When Edwin Lascelles started building Harewood House in 1759 he wanted … Read more

Gardens & Grounds

There are over 100 acres of gardens at Harewood. They are full of variety, with plants from all over the world. All this in the setting of a magnificent landscape created by Lancelot ‘Capability’ … Read more

Art & Collections

Harewood has enjoyed a very special relationship with contemporary artists throughout its history. JMW Turner came to Harewood as a young artist aged just 22 and left a legacy of majestic … Read more

Bird Garden

  Harewood Bird Garden is a home to over 30 birds from around the world. Visit, and you will see the rare Bali starling, flocks of charismatic parrots and cockatoos as well as our popular … Read more

Servants’ Database

Explore our database of people who have worked at Harewood throughout its rich and varied history.

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