I would not exceed the limits of expense that I have always set myself. Let us do everything properly and well, mais pas trop. When Edwin Lascelles started building Harewood House in 1759 he wanted … Read more

Gardens & Grounds

There are over 100 acres of gardens at Harewood. They are full of variety, with plants from all over the world. All this in the setting of a magnificent landscape created by Lancelot ‘Capability’ … Read more

“Capability” Brown

The pleasure grounds, and gardens rare!   Laid out, by Mr Brown, with utmost care;   With great abundance all abound,   And rich luxuriance smiles around:   Though both, which now … Read more

Art & Collections

Harewood has enjoyed a very special relationship with contemporary artists throughout its history.  JMW Turner came to Harewood as a young artist aged just 22 and left a legacy of majestic … Read more

Bird Garden

The grounds at Harewood are ideal for watching wild birds attracted by the variety of different habitats – ideal for those birds living and breeding here or just visiting on a seasonal basis. … Read more

Servants’ Database

Explore our database of people who have worked at Harewood throughout its rich and varied history.

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