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Seeds by Lucy + Jorge Orta

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Saturday 8 July – Sunday 22 October 2023

Seeds (2016) by Lucy and Jorge Orta is a series of unique hand-blown Murano glass seed sculptures. These larger-than-life specimens represent varieties of seeds and pollen, referencing the natural landscapes and gardens beyond the walls of Harewood. By magnifying and illuminating the beauty of seeds and the natural world, they also provide a metaphor for community regeneration, growth and resilience.

Presented within the Old Kitchen and Pastry Room, the exhibition references their historic function as spaces of food related activity, and was installed to coincide with Lucy and Jorge Orta’s 70×7:The Meal, Act XLV, which was a large-scale participative meal that engaged communities across Leeds in conversations around food, heritage and culture. ‘The Meal’ was part of the Leeds 2023 Year of Culture, and was supported by Leeds 2023 and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The visual artists Lucy and Jorge Orta began exhibiting internationally in the early 1990s, creating a diverse body of work across a range of disciplines including sculpture and public art. Their work explores ecological, environmental and social themes, and is often co-created through community engagement.