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Pleasure Garden – A listening garden by Genevieve Lacey

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Thursday 27 June – Sunday 29 September 2019

You are invited to explore Pleasure Garden, a listening garden created by renowned Australian musician Genevieve Lacey.

Over thirty audio interventions have been hidden across the Walled Garden, from high in the trees to low amongst the plants, transforming the Walled Garden into a place of musical play as you move, explore, sit and listen.

Inspired by the story and music of the blind 17th century Dutch musician, Jacob van Eyck, Pleasure Garden combines excerpts from Jacob’s work, set within newly-composed music by Genevieve, produced with co-composer Jan Bang and sound designer Jim Atkins.

This garden responds to movement – different layers of the composition are triggered by presence and move subtly across the space as it is explored and enjoyed, with sounds from Australia (county Victoria and regional New South Wales), The Netherlands (Utrecht) to Norway (Kristiansand), in addition to birdsong recorded here at Harewood. With speakers and sensors hidden within bird boxes and flowerpots and nested in trees and through the soil, create your own composition and sensory experience within this peaceful and quite magical space.

Genevieve Lacey is a recorder virtuoso and artistic director with a significant career as an international artist and is often called on to represent the best of Australian culture abroad, from playing for The Queen in Westminster Abbey, as concert soloist at BBC Proms, to opening The London Jazz Festival.

“By nature, humans are incredibly curious and this piece will coax you around the garden, inviting you to hear the different parts of the musical composition, to play with it and to discover more. This might be whilst you are resting a while amongst the trees, or wandering along the borders.

“We’re hoping visitors will be questioning whether they are hearing a piece of music or whether it’s the natural environment, as the sounds float in and around them. The piece is delicate and subtle with the aim of encouraging people to pause and be more attentive to the space around them.”  

Pleasure Garden will feature in the Walled Garden until the end of September.