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Introduction to Pottery with Rebecca Appleby: Hand Building

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Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 July 2022

Have a go at hand building in this introductory session for absolute beginners. Learn the basics of clay manipulation and try your hand at making a simple coil pot.

Saturday 2 + Sunday 3 July

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Ticket £15

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Suitable for Age 8+
(under 16s require adult supervision)

About Rebecca Appleby

Rebecca is a highly respected artist, whose sculptural & painterly eye, allows her the diversity to go beyond the boundaries of her traditional background in ceramics, giving her the freedom to create vibrant & challenging work. Appleby continues to explore fundamental structure in architecture, nature and anatomy in her recent work.

Her recent sculpture investigates industrial & architectural fragments metamorphosed by the ravages of time. Abandonment of structures following economic, natural and manmade disaster inevitably have human fallout. ‘I am particularly interested in what happens when a structure is altered, broken, destroyed or reimagined. Visually I think these ruins/fragments have a conceptual & aesthetic beauty. I think the disfiguration and patina of age tells a beautiful story and suggests a journey that is experienced throughout life. The marks, scars, dints & broken edges enhance the beauty. Rather than considering a broken object ‘destroyed’  I believe the transformation, sometimes to the point of abstraction, is fascinating. I’m intrigued about its journey and particularly enjoy the aesthetic transfiguration.

Appleby also references the term stele or stela in her recent work; a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected in the ancient world as a monument. The surface of the stele often has text, ornamentation, or both. These may be inscribed, carved or painted. Stelae were created for many reasons;  for funerary or commemorative purposes, Ancient Greek and Roman government notices or as boundary markers to mark borders or property lines. Stelae were occasionally erected as memorials to people or events.


About Make It Harewood

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