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House Closures Autumn 2022

As we move through the seasons, following on from the Harewood Biennial and also with Christmas 2022 on the way, the House may be closed at various points throughout the Autumn to allow us to change exhibitions, and ensure the care of our Museum Accredited collections.

Mon 3 Oct          House open
Tue 4 Oct            House open
Wed 5 Oct          House open
Thu 6 Oct            House open
Fri 7 Oct              House open
Sat 8 Oct             House open
Sun 9 Oct            House open
Mon 10 Oct        House open
Tue 11 Oct          House open
Wed 12 Oct        House open
Thu 13 Oct          House open
Fri 14 Oct            House open
Sat 15 Oct           House open
Sun 16 Oct          House open
Mon 17 Oct        House open
Tue 18 Oct          House open
Wed 19 Oct        House open
Thu 20 Oct          House open
Fri 21 Oct            House open
Sat 22 Oct           House open
Sun 23 Oct          House open
Mon 24 Oct        House closed
Tue 25 Oct          House closed
Wed 26 Oct        House closed
Thu 27 Oct          House closed
Fri 28 Oct            House closed
Sat 29 Oct           House closed
Sun 30 Oct          House closed
Mon 31 Oct        House closed
Tue 1 Nov           House closed
Wed 2 Nov         House closed
Thu 3 Nov           House closed
Fri 4 Nov             House closed
Sat 5 Nov            House closed
Sun 6 Nov           House closed
Mon 7 Nov         House closed
Tue 8 Nov           House closed
Wed 9 Nov         House closed
Thu 10 Nov         House closed
Fri 11 Nov           House open to Members only
Sat 12 Nov          House open
Sun 13 Nov         House open