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Urgent Appeal for Harewood’s Bird Garden

Due to the escalating developments with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have had to make the decision to close Harewood to the public for foreseeable future. However, whilst our gates are closed, work cannot stop behind them.

Caring for the 300 birds in our collection is a responsibility we take seriously; our teams continue to work around the clock, whilst following government guidelines, and we will do everything in our power to ensure the birds’ care remains uninterrupted.

Harewood House Trust is an independent charity which relies entirely on your support. We do not receive any government funding, and without income from admissions and events it is at times like these when your role, as visitors, members and donors, is crucial to our survival.

With the gates closed our vital funding from visitor admissions has stopped. Therefore, we are asking you to help us raise £35,000, the amount it will cost the charity to continue this important work over the next three months of our closure.

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We ask If you will consider supporting us at this critical time;

A £10 donation from you today would allow us to:

  • Feed 1 of our 10 Humboldt penguins for a week. Our penguins are fed twice daily and receive sprats, a fish similar to anchovies which they would hunt and feed on in the wild.

A £20 donation from you today would allow us to:

  • Pay for 1 days’ worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for all herbivore birds in the collection. At this time of year, reliable sources of food are even more essential as the birds begin nesting, come into breeding condition and then go on to feed their young.

A £50 donation from you today would allow us to:

  • Cover our live food bill for one week. At this time of year live food is even more important for our birds, such as the critically endangered Bali Starlings, as they rely on these insects to feed their young chicks. In 2001 only 6 Bali Starlings were left in the wild, but thanks to an international breeding programme, of which Harewood and these young chicks are part of, these numbers are slowly rising.

A £77 donation from you today would allow us to:

  • Cover the costs of a Bird Keeper for one day, including additional personal protective equipment such as disposable gloves and paper towels to protect them during the pandemic.

A £100 donation from you today would allow us to:

  • Pay for the occupants of 6 aviaries to be health screened by our collection vet, to check parasite burdens in the birds. These routine checks happen throughout the year to assess the ongoing health of the animals in our collection.

Nonetheless, any gift you can give will help us carry on ensuring our birds and their keepers thrive during this time.

Alternatively, becoming a member today, would provide us with guaranteed, year-round support. Our members play a crucial part in our survival through times of economic difficulty. Join to day and make it your Harewood.

Please Support us Today

To thank you for your donations, and show you a glimpse of the work you have supported, we will be sharing regular online content of our activities, family resources and glimpses of what is to come when we eventually re-open to the world. Follow our latest activities here on our social media pages.

If you can donate, please consider applying Gift Aid when asked; this function ensures the Government tops up your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to yourself. Every penny really does help.

10% of all donations raised will go towards supporting International Conservation Programmes to ensure your money helps promote the study, protection and reintegration of indigenous species around the world.  At Harewood, we are part of 17 different international breeding programmes; which facilitate managed breeding of endangered animals, such as our Bali Starlings, Edwards Pheasants and Andean Condors, with the ultimate goal of re-establishing them in their indigenous habitats.

Nick Dowling
Bird Garden Manager, and all his team at Harewood,

Thank you

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