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Roul Roul Partridge


Scientific name: Rollulus rouloul

IUCN World Conservation Status: NEAR THREATENED

The roul roul partridge is also known as the crested wood partridge. Males are easily recognisable by their spectacular red crest. They prefer to walk or run rather than fly.

A colourful bird, they can be seen in groups between 5 and 15 in number. They have two calls, a quiet one to stay in contact with birds in their flock and a loud call to signal danger. They are very tame in captivity with charming personalities. In the wild their natural predators include tigers, monitor lizards, clouded leopards and snakes.

Where in the world?

Native to Burma, southern Thailand Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Threats in the wild


Roul roul partridges prefer tropical lowland forests. Much of this habitat is fast disappearing due to deforestation.


They feed on the ground preferring fruit, seeds and invertebrates.


These birds mate for life. They make a dome shaped nest which completely hides the female, who incubates up to 6 eggs per clutch.