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Giant Wood Rail


Scientific Name: Aramides ypecaha

IUCN World Conservation Status: LEAST CONCERN

While most rails are shy and inhabit thick vegetation, the giant wood rail lives along marshes and rivers, and can often be seen completely out in the open, walking slowly along the mud.

They have a loud voice and are very noisy at first light, declaring their territory and trying to attract a mate. They are not great fliers, but they make up for it with speed; they are very fast runners!

This bird can grow up to 49cm in length. In the wild, they are often hunted for food and are suffering from loss of habitat.

Where in the world?

Native to southern Brazil and Uruguay, eastern Paraguay, and north-east Argentina.

Threats in the wild


This bird can be found in subtropical or tropical, moist lowland forests and swamps.


Their diet includes insects, small rodents, lizards, frogs, seeds, fruit, molluscs and spiders.


They build a nest about 1m above water level using weeds and grasses in broken down shrubs and vegetation. The female lays between 4-5 eggs.