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Blue Winged Macaw


Bird Type: Parrots & Parakeets

Scientific Name: Primolius maracana

IUCN World Conservation Status: NEAR THREATENED

Also known as the Illiger’s macaw, these are lively, boisterous birds. They are very active, inquisitive and amusing, and will chew everything in sight!

In the wild, these parrots are very sociable and expressive. They can be seen in flocks of up to 20 birds, chattering and communicating with one another. This small parrot grows up to 40cm in length and can fly in excess of 35mph.

There are now less than 10,000 individuals in the wild. They are targeted by pet traders and are subject to loss of habitat due to deforestation.

Where in the world?

Native to Paraguay, southern Brazil and the northern tip of Argentina.

Threats in the wild


This parrot is found in mangrove, deciduous, humid and evergreen forests. They have a preference for gallery forests along water ways and particularly enjoy evergreen palm groves, which provides a good source of food.


Blue-winged macaws feed mainly on seeds, fruits and nuts.


These birds are monogamous which means they mate for life. The average clutch consists of two eggs which are incubated for about
29 days before hatching.