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Blue-Throated Piping Guan


Bird Type: Guan and Curassows

Scientific Name: Pipile cumanensis

IUCN World Conservation Status: LEAST CONCERN

The Blue-throated piping-guan is the most widespread species of piping-guan. Growing up to 69cm in length,
this bird is recognisable by its bare facial skin which varies between white and cobalt blue.

Travelling solitarily or in small groups of up to 10, these birds spend their time in the canopy and sub-canopy of forests. Their call is a long series of feeble, slurred whistles and has a typically Amazonian jungle-like sound.

There are now less than 10,000 individuals in the wild. They are targeted by pet traders and are subject to loss of habitat due to deforestation.

Where in the world?

Native to much of northern South America.

Threats in the wild


In the forest canopy, this bird walks nimbly or hops with help from its wings. Its habitat ranges from semi-deciduous forests, gallery forests along water ways and the vast tropical savanna of Brazil.


Piping-guan feed from trees with lots of flowers or fruit and particularly enjoy the fruit from palm trees. They also eat figs and snails and are known to visit clay and salt licks.


The blue-throated piping-guan breeds during the rainy season when it builds a nest of twigs in dense canopy vegetation.