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Bali Starling


Bird Types: Perching BirdsThrush

Scientific Name: Leucopsar rothschildi

IUCN World Conservation Status: CRITICAL

Threats in the Wild: Destruction of habitat, biological, hunting and pet trade

This spectacular starling is the national bird of Bali and has never been common.

When first discovered in the early 1900s, its numbers were estimated to be only 1000 individuals. In 1990, numbers fell to just 15 birds in the wild. By 2001, just 6 birds were known.

The huge decline has been driven by illegal trapping in response to worldwide demand for the cage-bird trade. Conservation efforts have been hampered by the theft of captive breeding populations.

Where in the World

The Bali Starling is native to the Island of Bali, Indonesia.


This bird is found in dry, open lowland forests.


This starling is omnivorous which means they like seeds, fruit and insects. Larger fruits such as figs and papaya are sometimes consumed.


In the breeding season (usually October and November) the Bali starling uses cavities excavated and vacated by other birds to build their nests. They will also nest in sugar palm, coconut and fig trees.