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Harewood Rum Story

3 April – 29 June 2015

Harewood is a treasure trove of mysterious objects telling countless tales from the past. The Harewood Rum is one such story which visitors explored in 2015. It's a fascinating tale that begins life in the Caribbean, where Henry Lascelles made a fortune so great, he was able to build Harewood House. In 2011, a great discovery was found … Read more

Mr Turner and Mr Girtin: The Early Years

3 April – 5 July 2015

Never before had Turner and Girtin been so directly compared in an exhibition. These innovative watercolourists, were both commissioned early in their careers to paint the same views of Harewood. This exhibition offered you the chance to directly compare these important British artists from the place that they visited and painted. Using these … Read more

Henry Moore at Harewood

21 June – 2 November 2014

In the landscape: Large Reclining Figure In the Terrace Gallery: Henry Moore: In the Arts Council Collection It had long been an ambition to bring Yorkshire born Henry Moore to Harewood. In 1980 the 7th Earl and Countess of Harewood discussed with him their hopes of one day seeing his work in Harewood’s beautiful landscape. Sadly, Moore … Read more


18 April – 6 June 2014

Alongside In Pursuit of the Exquisite, a complimentary contemporary exhibition in the Terrace Gallery, Yesterday, featured the work of artists Dan Scott and Michelle Taylor. This exhibition incorporating ceramics, music and sound explored how objects powerfully connect us to the past and in this respect for both artists the iconic and … Read more

In Pursuit of the Exquisite: Royal Sèvres from Versailles to Harewood

18 April – 2 November 2014

The Sèvres factory opened in 1740, survived the turmoil of the French Revolution, and is still manufacturing porcelain today.  At a certain moment in history their exquisite wares were among the most desirable and sought after objects in Europe, obsessively collected by aristocratic and royal patrons. In the second half of the 18th century … Read more