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BEIT Collective


BEIT Collective works to elevate and preserve traditional handicrafts in Lebanon. At a time when craft knowledge and cultural heritage are at risk due to territorial conflict and climate breakdown, BEIT Collective collaborates with sculptors and designers to explore the possibilities of Lebanese artisans to craft useful and beautiful objects for everyday practicality.

Working with Hamza Mekdad, their installation explores the multifunctional essence of a Corinthian-shaped heirloom from his childhood home.

Entitled The Essence of Home, all crafted items reflect daily culinary and domestic rituals, inviting viewers to envision shared meals and intimate exchanges.

Find The Essence of Home in the historic Dining Room.

About BEIT Collective

BEIT Collective also collaborates with, furniture designers, jewelers, and fashion creators to explore the limitless possibilities of their craft by infusing it into custom-made home decor. Their exclusive, handcrafted pieces are meticulously produced  in Lebanon.

Leveraging the rich heritage of Lebanon’s revered artisanal and manufacturing traditions, BEIT collaborates with a diverse team of nearly 100 skilled artisans spanning various industries, including woodworking, glasswork, metalwork, and terrazzo.

Within the Lebanese community, traditional handicrafts hold a special place, embodying not just artistic expression but a way of life. Local artisans skillfully harness native materials to craft objects for everyday practicality. These handicrafts carry profound cultural and historical significance, instilling a deep sense of pride among artisans and rural communities throughout Lebanon.

At BEIT Collective, each piece showcased either originates from Lebanon, is inspired by its rich heritage, or has been thoughtfully designed by a talented Lebanese artist or designer. Their mission is to bridge Lebanon with the global community, serving as a conduit for the sharing and promotion of Lebanese culture and craftsmanship on a global scale.