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Exhibitions at Harewood

Yellow Drawing Room Carpet – condition checking

Conservation at Harewood on Axminster carpets

Carpets, due to their very nature as a floor covering, are vulnerable to deterioration. The Axminster carpet in the Yellow Drawing Room has been exposed to over two centuries of footfall, light, and the natural chemical decomposition of its organic woven fibres.

Over the course of its lifetime, the Yellow Drawing Room carpet has also been subject to a number of repairs which, in some cases, have been detrimental. Tight linen backing, glued hessian ‘patches’ and even a trip to the dry cleaners have all contributed to damage the carpet has sustained over the centuries.

In order to fully examine and record this damage, the carpet has been painstakingly reverse rolled under the supervision of a conservation specialist. Reverse rolling is a technique used to safely roll and unroll carpets reducing tension on the fabric.

It was the first time the carpet had moved in over 20 years and took 8 members of staff a full day to complete.

Revealing a hidden history:

Harewood House in Yorkshire has Axminster carpets

Rolling the carpet also uncovered a label attached by the Anglo-Persian Carpet Company who operated from the 1920s throughout the 20th century.

This company specialised in carpet repair and they were responsible for restoring many valuable carpets held in royal households and National Trust properties. It is likely that this company carried out some repairs on the Yellow Drawing Room carpet.

The carpet is currently displayed in the Yellow Drawing Room partially upside down to reveal the extent of the repairs and damage on both sides.

Conserving the Yellow Drawing Room Carpet

The Yellow Drawing Room carpet is in urgent need of conservation treatment by professional textile conservators.

During Yorkshire’s Year of the Textile we are considering what kind of treatments they undertake and to what extent they are carried out.

We would like to ask what you think about the Yellow Drawing Room carpet’s conservation and would be grateful if you could answer our short questionnaire when you visit.

Each week we are holding talks about the carpet in the House to discuss this important topic. Talks take place at 12:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

2016 Exhibition Round Up

Capability Brown at Harewood, Yorkshire

Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Great Capabilities: Capability Brown at Harewood

2016 marks the 300 anniversary of the birth of Lancelot Capability Brown. The famous views from the Terrace represents one of the finest examples of his work and we have a programme of exhibitions that invite you to experience the landscape in new ways.

Roger Fenton image of Harewood from the south

25th March – 30th October
The Art of Landscape and North and South, Watercolour Rooms
Since Harewood was constructed artists have depicted the parkland. The Art of Landscape will display rare works created over 250 years of patronage, showing the unchanging beauty of the Capability Brown landscape. Works by Turner and other notable artists will be exhibited alongside rarely seen early photographs by pioneer Roger Fenton from 1860. To complete the exhibition, you will be able to enjoy the landscape on horseback with Simon Warner’s contemporary films captured over the autumn months.


25th March – 30th October
Look, touch and listen; a sensory exploration of the landscape, throughout the grounds.
Explore the parkland with your senses and enjoy our self-guided trail through the gardens.

Contemporary Art at Harewood House Trust

25th March – 17th July
Shade into Shade, Terrace Gallery

Finnish photographer Jorma Puranen has used a special technique to represent Harewood’s landscape. Using highly reflective painted boards and a camera, Jorma has photographed the reflection of our landscapes, rather than the actual landscape. The final results are truly beautiful.

24th July – 30th October
The Grove of Delight, Terrace Gallery


Moving away from visual depictions, poet Thomas A. Clark will respond to the famous vistas with words. Renowned for his poetry about the experience of walking through landscape, this exhibition will provide a fresh look at the connections we all have with Harewood’s parkland.

Teapots, Trails and Textiles

Embroidery inspired by Sèvres

Examples of Hannah Lamb’s work for our Stitch & Ceramic Embroidery Workshop

This year at Harewood, we have an exciting new season of learning events, walks, talks and workshops on offer. We open with our first family event of the year, Spring at Harewood. This offers craft activities, talks and trails across the park and even a chance to see Pekins chicks hatching in the Information Centre! We have a new season of adult workshops planned, including our Time for Tea, a teapot making workshop, (which includes a delicious Afternoon Tea), and a Stitch & Ceramic Embroidery Workshop, inspired by the new Sèvres exhibition displayed in the House, as well as the launch of our Morning Lectures Series, running across the season and brand new for 2014.

We will also be launching two new family trails this year, focussing on the Sèvres exhibition and Sculpture at Harewood, to keep you and your family busy on your visits to Harewood! Call me to discuss any of our talks and tours or contact the Information Centre to book.

Harewood’s new exhibition season launches with a Private View and Summer Party in Harewood Church, House and Grounds

Guests were met by the Earl and Countess of Harewood, and were invited to tour the new season exhibitions and artists’ responses in the Church and Terrace Gallery launching a medieval journey of discovery at Harewood which seeks to explore the history of this ancient landscape before the present Harewood House was built…

The evening began with a tour of the Castle, followed by a Pimms reception in the Church to celebrate the completeion of the development project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Churches Conservation Trust.

New works by artists Susan Collins and Eleanor Moreton were on display.

The Church is a hub for Medieval Harewood with the new ‘Medieval Harewood Information Point’ located in the Church Vestry, and guests were keen to explore inside this hidden gem of a building!

Find out about the Church on our webpages…

Guests were then able to view the exhibitions in the House, with the Terrace Gallery playing host to an exhibition of finds from the recent Gawthorpe Hall excavation, as well as new works by artist Diane Howse.

The Gawthorpe excavation itself was open to view, and guests were treated to a hog roast and medieval-style entertainments on the Terrace overlooking the Gawthorpe Dig Site.

You can explore Medieval Harewood this Summer… Find out more on our Medieval Harewood webpages…

This season’s exhibitions can be found in the church, throughout the grounds and in the Terrace Gallery.

Artists Simon Warner, Susan Collins, Eleanor Moreton and Diane Howse have created artistic responses to medieval Harewood;

Exhibitions - Medieval Harewood

performance tours, moving image, paintings and photography bring stories alive to evoke Harewood’s fascinating medieval past. In the Terrace Gallery you can also learn more about the newly excavated Gawthorpe Hall.

The Artists…

Diane Howse has responded to Medieval Harewood by photographing and digitally reconstructing the alabaster tombs of Harewood Church. The tombs would have originally been painted in full colour, and if you look closely at the effigies in the church, traces of original pigment can still be seen today. Diane has digitally recreated the colours that may have been used and her photographs give us a visual impression of the human beings that lived at Harewood.

Medieval Harewood Theatrical Tour

Simon Warner is a Yorkshire based photographer and performance artist. Simon will be conducting theatrical walking tours of Harewood’s medieval history enhanced with an audio experience. Tours will take place on Tues 17th July, Weds 1st August, Tues 14th August & Mon 3rd September.

Places must be pre-booked by phone, visit our event pages for details….

Medieval Harewood Exhibitions Susan Collins

Susan Collins is a film artist and is currently director of the Slade school of Fine Art, UCL. Susan has created a video intervention in the church as well as a moving photograph that can be viewed in full online. It can also be streamed on your smartphone to be viewed while experiencing Medieval Harewood.

Exhibitions - Medieval Harewood

Eleanor Moreton has been inspired by the history of sisters Elizabeth and Sibyl de Aldeburgh who became joint heiresses of Harewood Castle in 1388. Her paintings respond to the relationships and power structures between families at Harewood in the medieval period as well as the illuminated prayer books, the Books of Hours, people owned at that time.
Images courtesy of the artists, and Ceri Hand Gallery for Eleanor Moreton.

Medieval Harewood is an on-going project to explore Harewood’s medieval history before the present Harewood House was built. Join us on this journey of discovery as we peel back the layers of history, where a few short miles can cover several hundred years.

Find out more on our Medieval Harewood webpages…


Harewood Medieval Faire 2013 set to take place Late May Bank Holiday Weekend

Look out for details of next year’s Harewood Medieval Faire which is scheduled for late May Bank Holiday 2013! 

HRH Princess Anne visits Harewood ahead of ‘Royal Harewood’ exhibition launch

HRH Princess Anne visited Harewood today ahead of our new exhibition season… The Princess was greeted by Lord and Lady Harewood, Harewood Chief Executive Mike Schafer and Harewood House Staff. Presented with one of Harewood’s new roses, Rosa ‘Yorkshire Princess’ the Princess toured the exhibitions on the State Floor, ‘Royal Harewood: Celebrating the Life of the Yorkshire Princess‘, as well as our temporary exhibition in the Terrace Gallery ‘Marcus Adams: Royal Photogrpaher‘…

Royal Harewood - Portrait

Celebrating the Life of The Yorkshire Princess

Harewood was home to HRH Princess Mary, The Princess Royal, through four decades. Her love of Yorkshire and the affection the people of Yorkshire felt for her in return mean that she will always be remembered as ‘The Yorkshire Princess’.

Princess Mary married Henry, 6th Earl of Harewood in 1922 and they moved into Harewood House in 1929. They were avid collectors and, with the generous help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, we will be displaying for the first time many of the things that were precious to her: personal items such as exquisite fans, gifts from heads of state, presents from her royal relations by the great designer Fabergé. These displays provide a glimpse into the life and loves of a very ‘Yorkshire Princess’.

Marcus Adams: Royal Photographer

Exhibition - Marcus Adams Royal Photographer - The Queen Princess Anne and Prince Charles

In the Terrace Gallery a special collection of photographs taken by favourite royal photographer Marcus Adams, and generously lent by The Queen from The Royal Collection, capture with wonderful charm the young Princess Elizabeth, life as the new royal family, the pre-war years and then later a new generation of royals; Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these striking, fun, informal and vibrant photographs.

Visit the House this season and round your visit off with a delicious cream tea in the Terrace Café! Marcus Adams exhibition open until Sunday 17 June, and Royal Harewood: Celebrating the Life of the Yorkshire Princess runs until 30 Sept.

Click here to visit our exhibitions pages