Bird Garden

The grounds at Harewood are ideal for watching wild birds attracted by the variety of different habitats – ideal for those birds living and breeding here or just visiting on a seasonal basis.

The bird life around these areas can be easily observed from the many footpaths and gardens, or even sat on the Terrace relaxing with a cup of tea in The Terrace Cafe.

Harewood Lake offers a vast array of birdlife with some fantastic bird watching opportunities. You’ll see Ducks, Geese, Gull and Grebe species and can view our best known dabbling duck the Mallard, diving ducks such as the Tufted Ducks as well as the now naturalised Mandarin Ducks.

Around the streams, ponds and shallow areas of the lake, the bright blue flash of the flying Kingfisher can be seen near to the bridge over the waterfall, and the great Crested Grebes with their fascinating courtship display dance. Listen out for the calls of the Oystercatchers, lapwings and Curlews, although their calls are sometimes copied by Starlings around the Bird Garden.

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Events in the Bird Garden


Daily Penguin Feeding

25 March – 30 October 2016Free for members

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Daily Penguin Feed & Talk

25 March – 30 October 2016Free for members